MABR Collaborative Environmental Monitoring App



The MABR Collaborative Environmental Monitoring Application is an easy-to-use app that generates awareness around environmental and social issues as well as showcases the environmental and cultural values of the MABR and surrounding area.

Developed throughout 2017/18, this interactive app allows users to become citizen scientists in their own backyards. With their handheld devices, users can upload information and images regarding environmental and social features or issues that they come across while exploring the MABR. Whether it is something of interest (e.g. an indigenous plant of cultural significance or a species at risk) or a potential issue (e.g. an impassive fish barrier or illegal dumping), users can help collect invaluable environmental data in the area. Using GPS technology, information is uploaded to the map-based app so that residents and tourists can find out about interesting features or environmental concerns located near them.

The information gathered will be used by the local community to identify issues or features that are worthy of inclusion on the community map as well as reveal incident patters that will allow for facilitated community discussions to help resolve these community-identified issues.

Download the MABR Environmental Monitoring App on any smart phone to become a citizen scientist in your own backyard. Just search “MABR” in your app store to download today. 


Once the app is downloaded, ensure your location services are turned on. Now you can find interesting features located near you!

Simply click on one of the pins to learn more about it. Or, upload your own pin when you come across something interesting or concerning. To do so, click the plus symbol in the bottom left corner and fill in the information. If you’re able to snap a photo of the feature, please do so – this allows us to ensure that the data you collected is correct, and allows other users to see what you see! Please also choose a type for your pin, so that our information can be organized – there are a number of different types you can choose from:

Point of Interest Wildlife Sighting

Tidal Waste Amazing Place

Flooding Event Harmful Activity

Species at Risk Recreational Feature

Animal Scat Hazards

Unique Forest Type Impassible Wildlife Barriers

Animal Tracks Pest/Parasite Species

Invasive Species Ecologically Significant Feature

Once new data is added, the MABR team will review it to ensure accuracy. Once approved, your pin will show up on the app for everyone to see!


The MABR cares about your privacy. Please read the Privacy Policy for the app to learn what happens with your data after we collect it.


This app was created through a partnership between the MABR and Vancouver Island University’s Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute. It was funded by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action. 


Further Information

If you have any questions about the app, please email MABRRI’s GIS Specialist, Ariel Verhoeks, at or call MABRRI’s office at 250-753-3245 (local 2802).

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