Building relationships and fostering Reconciliation between communities

  • The MABR Roundtable: The Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region facilitates quarterly meetings involving Indigenous Peoples, local and senior levels of government, community conservation groups, private industry, and Vancouver Island University. This gathering of minds is known as the MABR Roundtable. The MABR Roundtable functions as the governing body of the MABR, providing direction to MABR staff on priority actions areas and research to be pursued in the short, medium, and long-term. By gathering regional leaders and decision-makers, the MABR Roundtable sets a model for how people with different interests and mandates can work together in a respectful, collaborative, and effective way. 
  • Community Outreach: Public lectures and community courses, participation in regional events and committees, 

Creating opportunities for local and Indigenous peoples to share knowledge

Inspiring a positive future by connecting people and nature today

Celebrating cultural and biological diversity through research and education

Collaborating with community to develop a collective vision for regional sustainability



Facilitating Dialogue

Brant Wildlife Festival Visioning Forum

MABR Roundtable Gatherings

Leisure and Innovation in the MABR: Discussions with Sustainable Leisure Management graduate students